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November 14, 2021

Splitvolt to Participate as a Featured Industry Leader at Electrify Expo

Splitvolt’s high-profile demonstration and mainstage podcast interview to be featured at the new Electrify Expo in Austin, Texas

Santa Clara, California – November 12, 2021 – Splitvolt, the innovator and leader of the emerging EV charging-related product category called Splitter Switches, is showcasing at Electrify Expo a live demonstration of its family of Splitter Switches and Portable EV chargers, now available  on www.splitvolt.com.  

As a high-profile exhibitor, the Splitvolt booth is located just inside the main entrance in the first Electrify Expo in Austin, held at the Circuit of the Americas, November 12-14, 2021. Building on the momentum Splitvolt had at Electrify Expo in Orange County, Splitvolt doubles its physical presence with its innovative demonstrations at the main entrance of the show. The event boasts more than 19,000 electric vehicle curious (e-curious) consumers over the three days and highlights press, vendors and new product exhibits from numerous major automakers including Jeep, Polestar, Kia, Volvo, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes, MINI and BMW–most of whom are allowing attendees to test drive their new electric vehicles. 

At the Splitvolt booth #100, the team is showcasing the company’s innovative products and informative demonstrations that taught attendees more about safe and inexpensive fast home charging access. Splitvolt CEO Dan Liddle was selected to present on the mainstage an overview of how Splitvolt has created its groundbreaking category of EV fast home charging-related solutions. 

Also at Electrify Expo, Splitvolt’s CEO interview will be broadcast throughout the show, and be featured in the Electrify Expo’s podcast as a market leader for EV charging solutions. 

Splitvolt conducted live hands-on demonstrations of their unique Splitter Switches and portable EV chargers as well as adaptors and 240 volt extension cables. Splitvolt products are designed to make fast home charging power access simple, affordable, and safe. 

Splitvolt has rolled out all of its products on their own website: www.splitvolt.com. The product selection focuses on new and unique ways for EV owners to get fast home charging access. 

Click here to see the highly innovative products for EV owners, only available for sale at Splitvolt right now. 

About Splitvolt

Splitvolt’s mission is to inspire use of sustainable energy and Empowering Electric Vehicle Adoption™ by creating compelling products and solutions that make it simple for everyday car owners to benefit from electric vehicle use in daily life. Working at Splitvolt means having a shared vision to empower the future in innovative ways and play a key role in the once-in-a-lifetime transformation of the automotive industry. To find out more, visit www.splitvolt.com.