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July 17, 2021

Splitvolt Displayed as Industry Leader at Tesla Owners Meetup

Splitvolt participates as a featured sponsor at the inaugural California Tesla Owner Takeover event. 

Santa Clara, California – July 17, 2021 – Splitvolt announced today their featured sponsorship in the inaugural California Tesla Takeover event, held at the Madonna Inn off of the Cabrillo Highway in San Luis Obispo, California. The event hosted 700 Tesla owner attendees from across the country, making it the largest Tesla gathering in California. 

The event enabled Tesla owners from around the country to get together and relish in the achievements that Elon and Teslas have made for electric vehicles. Headlining the event was California Local band The Molly Ringwald Project, also there were customized Teslas, other Tesla exhibitors, fun activities for kids, food trucks and even a Tesla giveaway. Splitvolt received phenomenal feedback for their innovative products which were on display.

Assuming their spot as a market leader, Splitvolt displayed their unique Splitter Switches and portable chargers. While the Splitvolt products are Empowering EV Adoption by making home charging access safe, affordable, and simple, Splitvolt focused on giving attendees at this particular show demonstrations and explanations of how they could use the Splitvolt products for fast home charging of two electric vehicles. 

At the California Tesla Takeover Show, Splitvolt received many positive responses from the Tesla owners. Splitvolt is compatible with all EVs, the innovative Splitter Switches not only help current Tesla owners to expand their EV collection but also allow interested EV buyers to make owning any available electric vehicle a reality for their household. 

Splitvolt has rolled out all products on their website: www.splitvolt.com. Their product selection focuses on new and unique ways for EV owners to get fast home charging access. 

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About Splitvolt

Splitvolt’s mission is to inspire use of sustainable energy and Empowering Electric Vehicle Adoption™ by creating compelling products and solutions that make it simple for every day car owners to benefit from electric vehicle use in daily life.  Working at Splitvolt means having a shared vision to empower the future in innovative ways and play a key role in the once-in-a-lifetime transformation of the automotive industry. To find out more, visit www.splitvolt.com.