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November 14, 2018

Industry Veteran Announces Splitvolt to Empower EV Adoption™

Splitvolt Logo

New Startup to Solve Fast Home Charging Challenges for EV Owners

Santa Clara, California – November 14, 2018 – Tech industry veteran Daniel Liddle forms Splitvolt, a startup with a mission of empowering EV adoption™. Providing plug-n-play simplicity, while avoiding the high cost and complexity of installing a new charging circuit for fast EV home charging is just the beginning. Customers can get safe, fast EV home charging in a matter of minutes, while saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars with our products versus installing a dedicated circuit for EV charging. 

“My wife likes to tease and say that I turned a hobby into a business, but the reality is that my planning and approach to developing this business has been highly methodical, and leveraging my decades of experience building teams, raising funding, and establishing technology start-ups in Silicon Valley. After having owned several hybrid and then fully electric vehicles, I admit to being a passionate EV enthusiast, but that’s where the similarity ends. The starting point for any compelling business is identifying and solving a distinct need or pain-point in the market, and executing on a robust plan with laser focus,” said Daniel Liddle, CEO and founder of Splitvolt. “In the coming months, as I am building the team and the product line, we will reveal more about this new venture and the products we are building to address this once-in-a-lifetime automotive market shift to electric vehicles.” 

Dan Liddle is a Silicon Valley veteran, with more than thirty years of experience navigating high-growth markets. He has spent two decades defining new product categories and building venture-backed start-ups, followed by a decade at Sanmina Corporation, a Fortune 500 global technology contract manufacturer. Liddle held executive leadership roles for marketing, sales, product management, and business development positions at numerous technology companies with successful acquisitions including Clustrix (MariaDB), Attune Systems (F5), NeoPath Networks (Cisco), First Virtual Corporation (IPO), Whitetree Networks (Ascend/Lucent), and Advanced Computer Communications (Ericsson). 

About Splitvolt

Splitvolt’s mission is to inspire use of sustainable energy and empower EV adoption by creating compelling products and solutions that make it simple for every day car owners to benefit from electric vehicle use in daily life. Working at Splitvolt means having a shared vision to empower the future in unique and revolutionary ways and play a key role in the once-in-a-lifetime transformation of the automotive industry. To find out more, visit www.splitvolt.com.